1. Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of discipline and dignified manner of behavior inside as well as outside the College campus. They shall abide by the rules and regulations of the College and should act in a way that highlights the discipline and esteem of the College.
  2. A five day working schedule from Monday to Friday is followed except for special classes on Saturday. Classes are scheduled from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
  3. All the students are expected to be present in the class well -within time and late coming will result in loss of attendance for the corresponding hour.
  4. Students shall rise from their seats when the teacher enters the class room and remain standing till the teacher takes her/his seat or they are allowed by the teacher to sit. Silence shall be observed during class hours.
  5. Teachers shall be greeted appropriately with “Good Morning Sir/Miss” or “Good Afternoon Sir/Miss” and a ” Thank you Sir/Miss” when the teacher leaves the class room.
  6. No student shall enter or leave the class room when the session is on without the permission of the teacher concerned.
  7. Students having lab sessions in the FN or AN, have to report to the lab directly in time and they are not expected to go to the class room.
  8. In the events of Student seminars/project presentations etc., it is compulsory that all the students of the concerned class be present for the entire session.
  9. Students can leave the campus during class hours only after getting a gate pass from the Principal and after making entry in the Gate Register maintained by the gate keeper.
  10. All leave applications (Regular & Medical) shall be submitted in time, for sanction by concerned teacher and Principal. Application for medical leave shall be accompanied by valid medical certificates.
  11. Students shall come to the college in approved uniforms with formal shirts tucked into trousers with black belt and black shoes. Hawai type rubber or plastic chappals are not permitted. In addition, lady students will have a blazer over their shirts. Besides those who are in laboratories shall wear their respective lab-coat.
  12. Students shall not make any alterations to the Uniform issued from the college without the permission of the Principal.
  13. All the students are expected to attend all college functions in college uniform unless otherwise specified.
  14. All the students shall wear their identity cards, well displayed. Denial of that alone invites disciplinary action.
  15. Students are expected to maintain silence in the academic buildings to maintain the decorum and, any deviant behavior such as hooting, whistling, loitering etc. will be treated as an instance of indiscipline.
  16. For independent study, students are expected to use the class rooms, library or the demarcated areas of the academic building and shall not resort to sitting in staircases or circulation areas where they could interfere with the free movement.
  17. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones within the campus. Students who are staying in college hostels should not bring the mobile phones to the college. Day scholars carrying mobile phones to the college be kept it in silent mode & shall deposit the same in the designated place before 8.55 AM and can collect the same after 4.30 PM.
  18. Keep the campus neat and clean. Do not put any waste anywhere in the campus except in the waste baskets kept.
  19. Consumption of intoxicants / psychotropic substances in any form or smoking or using chewing- gum, pan masala etc. are strictly prohibited.
  20. Carefully handle the furniture, equipments and appliances of the college and lab. Careless handling/misuse of the above could result personal injuries or damage to property. In the event of damage of property, the responsible students will have to bear the cost of replacement/repair with fine.
  21. Political activity in any form is not permitted in the College campus.
  22. Harassing juniors, ill treatment to other fellow students or any such form of ragging is objectionable and liable to be treated as criminal offence by the law enforcing agencies as per the directives of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  23. Misbehavior towards girl students, use of threat or violence against members of the staff or fellow students will be considered as very serious cases of misconduct.
  24. Any violation of the above rules will invite penalty in the form of warning, fine, bringing of parents or any course of corrective measure as found suitable by any staff member or higher authority of the College.
  25. Expulsion from the College is enough for expulsion from the hostel.