KVM college of Pharmacy, Cherthala organized a class on Antiragging on 14thSeptember 2023 at 12pm. The program began with a welcome speechby Dr. BeenaP, Principal. Session was conducted by Mr Vinod Kumar B Circle inspector , cherthalapolice station. Sirexplained about the ragging with, among others, psychological, social, political, economic, cultural, and academic dimensions and itsconsequences in detail and specially mentioned about how to prevent the menance of ragging and maintain healthy interpersonal relationship among the students .The functions of antiragging committe in the campus as it aims to build a ragging free environment by instilling the principles of democratic values, tolerance, empathy, compassion and sensitivity to that students become responsible citizens and create an atmosphere of discipline by passing a clear message that no act of ragging in college premises. Mrs. Teresa George associate professor delivered vote of thanks to the session .It was a very informative session.

Programme coordinator
Dr Lincy john, Mrs.Teresa George P, Ms.Sujitha Mary